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If you are ever pulled over and charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated, referring to alcohol, or Driving While Impaired, referring to medications or other substances) you need to immediately contact an attorney who understands DWI defense. Even with your first DWI offense the state immediately begins proceedings to suspend your driver’s license, and jail/prison time could follow.

The attorney at Levasseur Law Office understands DWI charges and knows DWI defense. You need Robert Levasseur defending you. He can help in saving your reputation, may be able to keep you out of jail, and possibly prevent driver’s license suspension, which will allow you to go about your life the same way you always have.


Criminal Law

Criminal proceedings include a wide range of offenses, but all criminal proceedings lead to money issues, personal stress, damaged relationships, and a blow to your reputation. If convicted, the consequences increase dramatically, possibly leading to loss of rights, loss of employment, driver’s license suspension, and/or jail time.

If facing conviction of a crime you need to contact us at Levasseur Law Office. We will work with you one-on-one to plan the best way of going about your case. We provide clear explanations of the law and the charges against you and defend your case in a way so as to achieve the best possible outcome.

The attorney at Levasseur Law Office is prepared to aggressively represent those facing criminal charges of:

• Misdemeanor & gross misdemeanor charges
• Felony charges
• Traffic offenses & driver’s license revocation
• Careless or reckless driving & vehicular homicide
• Vehicle forfeiture
• Drug charges such as possession, intent to distribute, trafficking, and
  manufacturing of drugs
• Assault & domestic assault
• Sex offenses
• Theft and related offenses
   o Fraud
   o Forgery
   o Shoplifting
• Homicide & manslaughter


Juvenile Law

Levasseur Law Office defends those who are not of age to be charged for criminal acts, otherwise known as juveniles (under the age of 18). Rather than punishment, the goal of juvenile law is rehabilitation. Juvenile convictions are serious and can impact a child’s ability to attend school or to participate in extracurricular activities. Our attorney will work to lessen any punishment to your child and attempt to keep the juvenile’s record clean.


Family & Divorce Law

Family and divorce cases are some of the most emotional cases any attorney will handle. During divorce, extremely important and difficult decisions about property, debts, and children have to be made. Robert Levasseur understands the toll these kinds of conflicts have on a family; therefore he makes every attempt to solve them through negotiation and agreement. But if a reasonable agreement can not be reached he is prepared to go to trial and fight for your interests and the interests of your family.

The attorney at Levasseur Law Office is prepared to aggressively handle the following family law matters:

• Divorce
• Child custody / parenting time
• Child support
• Domestic abuse / false allegations of domestic abuse
• Post-decree modification / change in custody or change in support
• Alimony / spousal maintenance
• Division of marital property, assets, and debt
• Ante-nuptial ("prenuptial") agreements / postnuptial agreements
• Juvenile law
   o Children in Need of Protection or Services ("CHIPS")
   o Termination of parental rights
• Adoption / third-party custody


Personal Injury

In any personal injury matter it is always important to contact an attorney. The initial injury is only one aspect of the issue that needs to be taken into consideration. There’s medical bills, insurance claims and adjusters, insurance company attorneys, the inability to work and/or the inability to play with or care for your children. The experience offered by Robert Levasseur will lessen the stress and burden put on you. You are not at fault for someone else’s carelessness and you deserve to be adequately compensated.

In all personal injury cases we take the time to go over the details of the incident, determine who is liable, calculate and fight for the compensation you deserve to cover medical bills and any related personal losses.


General Litigation

At Levasseur Law Office we are prepared to and have experience in handling a wide range of general litigation cases in any business area. These areas include securities, real estate, contracts, partnership dissolutions, shareholder disputes, antitrust, consumer protection, trusts and estates, construction, debtor-creditor relations, and professional malpractice claims against accountants and lawyers.


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